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E11 | Part 2: Daniel Feinberg – Tattoo Artist

In Part 2 of Episode 11 with tattoo artist Daniel Feinberg we discuss how tattoo artists get the opportunity to develop their practices by exploring the nitty gritty detail of the tattoo apprenticeship, the importance of trust and collaboration between the artist and the client as well as the various processes of collecting tattoos. Dan elaborates on his process of developing unique Japanese tattoos for clients. We end off with the ever-present stigma around tattoos and have a little celebration on how far we as humans have come in thinking about tattoos in contemporary society.

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Cloudia Rivett-Carnac: Artist and Master Printer

We had the opportunity to talk to artist and master collaborative printmaker Cloudia Rivett-Carnac. We learned the inspiring lessons of creativity, collaboration and the long-life learning that comes from being an artist and collaborator.

Rivett-Carnac Cafe Table
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