The Chopped Liver Appreciation Society (CLAS) is a support and celebration platform for creatives and innovators following unconventional career paths in various creative industries. This society offers a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution and skills of the behind-the-scenes people that are often the driving force behind larger projects, products and experiences.

Through the CLAS podcast we invite creatives and innovators including artists, writers, photographers, graphic designers, musicians amongst others to tell their stories, sharing industry insights and their knowledge in a celebration of their dedication and determination in following their passions and interests. Our blog offers additional articles, supplementary material from our podcast and exciting tidbits from our contributors.

CLAS was started by Amé Bell and Elize de Beer, two creatives who have studied and worked in the arts for over ten years. Through their involvement in various creative sectors, they have experienced how creatives in all industries are often under-appreciated for their knowledge, skills and work, which leave them feeling like nothing but a bowl of  chopped liver – but we are here to change that.

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