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E6 | Book Recommendation Mash Up – Think and Steal Like an Artist

In this book recommendation episode we compare notes on Will Gompertz’s “Think Like and Artist” and Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist”. We unpack what these authors say about how one can navigate through the realms of creativity and how to deal with creativity in the contemporary world. We discuss how Gompertz and Kleon touch on different ways to unleash your creativity whether you are a practicing artist or just someone who would like to be more of an out-of-the-box thinker in everyday life. We share some of their advice and how we have applied their strategies in our own practices.

E5 | Zhi Zulu – Illustrator

In this episode we speak to artist and award winning illustrator Zhi Zulu. We speak about her journey in becoming an illustrator, visual storyteller and her love for art. We touch on the importance of visual literacy and how Zhi, in her practice and studies, dissects modes of communication in an attempt to develop more relevant visual resources for local communities. We have a showdown on the value of practical and written components in research and why the knowledge acquired through postgraduate studies should be available for future reference. We discuss our thoughts on the position of illustration and illustrators within a traditional fine art environment and the perceptions of digital format art in the art world today. Zhi elaborates on her latest mural project at the new Jewel City Development and speaks about the challenges in translating drawing into this large scale format. Finally Zhi shares her thoughts on what it takes to make it as an illustrator.

E4 | Dealing with Difficult Clients

In this episode we discuss how creatives do, and should deal with challenging clients or situations. We outline a few scenario’s and discuss how we have experienced and resolved working with clients who have a lack of understanding about processes, products and services. We touch on how you can prepare yourself for this in advance and the importance of remaining calm and professional.

E3 | Adell de Beer –
Photographer and Graphic Designer

In this episode we speak to Adell de Beer a commercial photographer and graphic designer. We speak about her background at Open Window Institute and the value of gaining experience and building a network in the industry. She elaborates on starting her own company and what it takes to make it work, from working hours, engaging with clients and building a brand. She gives listeners a few insights into her favourite role as a wedding photographer and shares a few tricks of her trade. We explore the differences between individuals using their phones for photography and trained photographers and whether the right equipment makes a difference. Don’t forget to take part in this episode’s doodle challenge! The prompt is “Portraiture”. These doodles can be done in any medium, shape or form. And the prize for this episode will be a 50% off voucher for any mini photoshoot of your choic, T&C apply.

E2 | Book Recommendation – The Artist Way

In this book recommendation episode we explore The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. We speak about how we have experienced the first chapter of this CLAS proclaimed artist “self-help-book” and what insight we have gained from the book so far.

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E1 | Jacqueline Flint –
Facilitator in the Arts

In this episode we speak to Jacqueline Flint, an independent creative that wears many hats in the art world and beyond. Touching on her role as a writer and facilitator, we speak to her about the advantages of studying English literature and how it prepared her to become a “translator” of literary and visual texts. We delve into the desire for recognition, losing your ego, and the overall importance and function of writing about art. In discussing her history as a curator, we go behind the scenes of exhibition making, the white cube and the magic of collaboration. Throughout we explore the role and importance of careers in humanities and lessons in following your own version of success. Don’t forget to take part in the doodle challenge! This episodes prompt is “What makes your garden grow” #CLASdoodlechallenge

The Pilot Episode

Welcome to the Chopped Liver Appreciation Society pilot episode where hosts Amé Bell and Elize de Beer talk about what the platform is all about and what to expect from the podcast and blogs. Don’t forget to take part in the doodle challenge! #CLASdoodlechallenge

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